Communicating the need for a feminist approach to foreign policy 

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About IWDA

IWDA is the leading Australian agency entirely focussed on women's rights and gender equality in Indo Pacific. IWDA resources diverse women’s rights organisations contributing to global feminist movements to advance its vision of gender equality for all.



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How we helped

When IWDA was seeking support for its advocacy communications to help frame the importance of feminist foreign policy, they turned to Humankind for help.

We supported IWDA with advocacy and awareness raising communications outreach around opportunities including the federal government’s aid budget, the G7 summit in the UK, and the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico and France. In particular we helped socialise IWDA’s research on feminist foreign policy, From Seeds to Roots: Trajectories towards Feminist Foreign Policy.

A number of important sector articles were secured as a result of this work:

In their words

"From the outset we were impressed with Jackie’s understanding of international development and her ability to get across our work and to identify how she could add value and support us in an already established way of working. She has a broad network of media colleagues, has strong pitching skills, and was able to help us identify media outlets best suited to our research. In working with editors and journalists to pitch pieces she was able to secure useful insights to support current and future products to be attractive to the market.

Jackie brought a quick, problem- solving approach and was thoughtful and considered in outlining the avenues that existed for us in both medium and longer-term to overcome some of the challenges we were encountering in having our communications placed in our preferred outlets. She is an excellent writer and communicator. She is strong at soliciting and taking on board feedback, as well as being honest and transparent about what she thinks will be the best approach to framing an issue or narrative.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with her and would certainly work with her again."


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