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About KTF 

Kokoda Track Foundation's Archer Leaders Development Program seeks to foster a new generation of passionate leaders in PNG, dedicated to social change and an improved future for their nation and its people.

When KTF decided to take an innovative, narrative-driven approach to an external evaluation of the Archer program, they turned to Humankind to help deliver it.


Evaluation approach and framework
data collection and analysis
Stakeholder interviews
Narrative and case study development
Programme evaluation

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How we helped

Building on previous external assessments of the Archer Leaders Development Program, our 2022 independent evaluation focused on the three key themes of personal development, leadership and adaptive leadership, and social change through “next generation” leaders.

With a focus on storytelling, this evaluation aimed to empower the voices of Archer alumni and highlight the impact of the program through their stories.

We developed a mixed method approach of quantitative, qualitative, and case study research in order to elucidate the core questions around the program’s effectiveness and success. The evaluation aimed to assess the following:

  • Young people progress to senior management positions in the public, private and civil society sectors 
  • Young people have established and/or are operating projects that improve the wellbeing and futures of fellow Papua New Guineans 
  • Young people are connected to each other via an active alumni where peer to peer learning and capacity building occurs 
  • Young people have access to ongoing leadership opportunities through studies, careers, networks, mentors, and peer-to-peer and organisational-linkages 
  • The program is a long-term commitment by KTF and its sponsors to improving the leadership pathways of young PNG leaders; and that change is taking place over time with a ripple effect into broader PNG communities

We undertook a range of focus groups, one-to-one interviews with Archer leaders and mentors and ultimately, delivered an evaluation report underpinned by compelling stories of impact that bring the program and its success to life. 

Read the report: Towards the next generation of PNG's leaders: Stories of resilience, leadership and social change (PDF).


KTF engaged Humankind Advisory to complete an evaluation of our Archer Leaders Development program. We were initially excited about their unique proposal to use captivating storytelling as a way to elucidate our quantitative data and uncover findings and we were ultimately thrilled with the final result.

The team was an absolute pleasure to work with. They have a high-level of professionalism and gathered an exceptional understanding of the program - connecting authentically with participants, stakeholders and beneficiaries. Their enthusiasm in bringing the data to life and ability to dig deep into the stories and data was impressive. We found their approach of linking data and narratives particularly innovative and resulted in a fantastic final report. Their findings were well-researched and nuanced, and their recommendations were both actionable and in line with our program goals and values.

We highly recommend working with Humankind Advisory and look forward to our next project together. 

- Genevieve Nelson, Chief Executive, KTF

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