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When World Vision International started working on a groundbreaking approach to its global storytelling strategy, they sought Humankind’s expertise to bring the project to life and advise on how to incorporate aspects of relevancy, transparency, and impact in a difficult story gathering environment due to Covid-19.


Campaign strategy
Story development
Storyboarding and direction
Editorial oversight
Translations (Spanish to English)

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How we helped

We developed an innovative approach to storytelling by featuring World Vision’s humanitarian work in increasingly fragile contexts, which had been largely overlooked due to the global focus on the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an increasingly complex world, and at a time when most donors in countries were afflicted by Covid-19, the humanitarian and development sectors had to work extra hard to make people care about the ongoing conflicts, disasters and humanitarian emergencies that were buried so deep under pandemic headlines. While a humanitarian emergency will fortunately never be relatable to most potential and ongoing donors, and wider audiences, the humanity that connects us all – the people at the heart of emergencies, the so many who WV benefits – offers opportunities to connect. To care.

By telling the real heart of people’s stories, the real challenges they faced and even the things that went wrong to get where they are today can help shift the perception of World Vision and in turn create greater brand trust and loyal donors.

We worked on stories based on the concept ‘through my eyes’ to emphasise first-hand storytelling, presenting people’s stories in their own words, offering detail and colour about their lives, where they are now, as well as their dreams. By approaching storytelling in this way, World Vision had the opportunity to reshape the stories to include deeper connections with beneficiaries to build on the concepts of trust and transparency.

This relatability, compassion and empathy is what creates impactful storytelling and content that ultimately drives brand success and believability—and that’s exactly what we did.


"We were looking to do some groundbreaking work on how we do storytelling and Humankind has really filled the role of what would normally be about 4 or 5 different people; developing an innovative and sound strategy which received the buy-in from our global comms community, identifying compelling stories in the midst of a 'Covid environment' where it’s difficult to find new stories, expertly engaging with a complex web of stakeholders from global specialists to field-focused implementers, and both developing (and guiding others) in creating game-changing, market-ready communications. Jackie's experience and professional approach creates immediate respect, and her practical, output-driven, passionate approach makes her someone who everyone wants to work with. She has been both a critical element and a driving force on our project and an incredible blessing to work with."


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